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Project by: KRISTAL.

Location: Evron, Israel

Program: Adaptive reuse, Public Space

Size: 33 m2

Status: Pending Approval

Client: Kibbutz Evron

Year: 2021

In rural localities and in old urban neighborhoods in Israel, several hundred water towers are scattered - a unique phenomenon in scope. Most of them have been taken out of use, and public access to them has been blocked. Even more than their impressive technical role in water supply, their significance as a social infrastructure is prominent. As such they represent relationships of involvement and community ownership.

Their social role is a modern incarnation of an ancient Middle Eastern vernacular. similar to the biblical water well, the Ottoman Passage and the Palestinian village spring, the water towers are an everyday place that people have appropriated according to their needs. Their abandonment  undermines their significance to local heritage and misses an opportunity to strengthen social resilience in localities to which these towers belong.

Similar is the story of the water tower in Kibbutz Evron. The tower still stands on top of the hill but does not allow for community use. The water tower project, an initiative by Studio KRISTAL., proposes the rehabilitation and transformation of the water tower, addressing  issues of social resilience and local heritage.


The viewpoint at the top of the tower will enable a reconnection with the region's natural and built beauty. As an accessible public place, the tower will bring residents and visitors of the kibbutz closer together and provide them with a social gathering spot or a place for personal solitude, an old/new point of view where the surroundings are seen from above and with a different perspective.

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