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CA v23.jpg


Project by: KRISTAL.

Program: Light Object

Status: Production

Year: 2020

Material: 3D Printed White PLA, Coated

The inspiration and name of this light object comes from "Cyrtocalpis" - a type of Radiolaria found in the ocean and researched by Ernst Haeckel. This marine Protozoa of about 0.2mm in diameter has an intricate mineral skeleton, resembling a perforated wavy fabric.


The amorphous skeleton's parameters, such as growth patterns, form and proportions were studied, analyzed, and translated into an algorithm in order to produce a digital model.


This model, in turn, was 3D printed with the intention to create a solid material light object which produces a unique play of light and shadow, and seems to change shape with every  perspective.

Images show two versions.

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CA v22.jpg
CA v21.jpg
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