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KRISTAL. is a young architecture practice founded by Ofer Kristal, based in Bruneck, South Tyrol, Italy


KRISTAL. creates architecture, conducts research and experiments in various mediums and scales, and builds tailor made parametric platforms. 

The architecture we create focuses on:

- Asking questions plays a pivotal role in our creative process. We question the site, the program, the essence of the project and ourselves. We question materials, construction techniques, and tools for architectural fabrication. 

- Experimentation. We do not have ready made answers. we start each and every project by trying to ask the right questions that will eventually lead us to come up with tailor made solutions.  In any design process, after we feel these questions are aligned with the project's goals - we experiment, in all stages, from first concept to final construction details.

- Experience. We aim not only to design spaces and forms, but to create holistic user experiences and environments that evoke feelings.

- Locality. Our designs try to capture and reflect the essence of a place, it's natural and human landscape, it's culture, it's spirit. We believe architecture should be as specific and contextual as possible.

- Advanced tools. We see architecture not as a linear solution but as a myriad of possibilities, and we design that way. We create parametric digital platforms in order to conceive, visualize and analyze these possibilities, and finalize them together with the client. 


- Custom made parametric platforms.  A part from using parametric systems for our projects, we also collaborate with other architecture studios on geometrically complex projects - in order to conceive, rationalize and optimize their ideas.

We are open and excited to work on any scale and program, drop us a line if you want to know more!

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